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Qatar Embassy Attestation Services in Delhi NCR (INDIA)

Pro Attestation Services is an experienced and professionally managed company that deals in legalization for Qatar services. We are involved in Qatar Embassy Attestation for all types of Indian originated documents, whether it’s Educational, Non-Educational or Commercial documents. We are pioneer in getting certificate authentication done from HRD, GAD, Notary, Home Department and SDM etc.

We are trusted partners for your entire Qatar Embassy Attestation process. We understand that you submit your original documents with us for attestation and these documents are extremely crucial for you, that’s why we keep them safe till the time that are delivered back to you with attestation. 

Attestation for Qatar Embassy

All of the documents or certificates which are issued or originated within India that are obligatory to be present in Qatar on the basis of purpose of your travel needs to legalized from the Qatar Embassy in India.            

Advantages of Legalization for Qatar

  1. It is beneficial if you are moving for pursuing any higher education.
  2. It makes process of attaining employment visa easier as well as increases work opportunities open up within Qatar.
  3. It is beneficial for getting resident visa as well as visa for your family.
  4. It helps your children to apply for admission in schools of Qatar.

Verification for Attestation Services Qatar Embassy

All people who wish to get their educational documents attested from the Embassy of Qatar should keep in mind that Degree/diploma should be there with its mark sheet and verification done from the concerned university or institute. Verification letter must have the below mentioned details:

  1. Authenticity of certificate
  2. Study System (Admission-Full Time-Part Time)
  3. Venue of Study and Examination
  4. Type of Degree Obtained (diploma, Bachelor-Master or doctorate) 
  5. Duration of course and duration spend to obtain this certificate.
  6. Academy is whether government institute or private.
  7. Academy’s standard at the time of obtaining the said certificate from the institution.

How to Get Documents Attested from Qatar Embassy?

Process of document attestation is different for different document. Let’s check out:

Process for Educational Document Attestation for Qatar Embassy

Qatar Embassy authenticates degree with the consolidated mark sheets only. It do not attests Degree Certificate or mark sheet separately. 

For attesting any of the educational documents from Qatar Embassy in India, it is mandatory to attach few of the supporting documents along with original ones, they are:

  1. The degree certificate must have final year mark sheet attached.
  2. The degree should be from recognized institute of Govt.
  3. The diploma course should be full time with affiliation to university/UGC.
  4. Qatar Embassy also asks for verification letter of the concerned university along with certificate. Without this letter, the certificate cannot be attested.


  1. First of all, document needs to be authenticated from the Human Resource Development department of respective state from where it is issued.
  2. Thereafter, it will be attested from Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  3. Attestation process will be end at Embassy of Qatar, New Delhi.

Educational Documents:

  • UG degree certificate
  • PG degree certificate
  • Diploma degree certificate
  • PhD degree certificate
  • Engineering degree certificate
  • Medical degree certificate
  • Management degree certificate
  • Hotel management certificate
  • Law degree certificate
  • Technical degree certificate
  • Professional degree certificate
  • etc.

Process for Non - Educational Document Attestation for Qatar Embassy

  1. At first, attestation of specific document will be done at Home Department of the state of residence.
  2. Thereafter, document will be attested at Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  3. And, final attestation will be made by Embassy of Qatar in New Delhi. 

Non-Educational Documents

  • Salary Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate (TC)
  • Equivalence Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Experience/ Employment Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Single Status Certificate
  • etc.

Process for Commercial Document Attestation for Qatar Embassy

  1. At first, document will be authenticated at respective chamber of commerce.
  2. Attestation process will be followed at Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi
  3. Last attestation will be made at Embassy of Qatar, New Delhi

Commercial Documents

  • Export Invoice
  • Packaging list
  • Power of Attorney
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Chemical analysis report
  • Physical analysis report
  • etc.


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